How To Relocate A Metal Storage Shed

When you move to a new location, you sometimes need to transport outbuildings like metal storage sheds. Modern metal sheds are commonly constructed from aluminum and set on concrete blocks. You should be able to disassemble and relocate the shed along with helpers and the right tools by following these tips:

Prepare to Move the Shed

You need the following supplies to move the shed:

  • work gloves
  • step-ladders 
  • shovel (optional)
  • hammer
  • nails 
  • carjack
  • screwdriver or screw gun
  • two by four lumber 
  • three-fourth inch metal pipes

Remove all items from the shed to reduce weight. Set a step-ladder on firm ground, detach the windows to prevent damage, and keep the hardware in freezer bags or small containers. 

Disassemble the Shed

If you are moving large sheds, you may find it easier to disassemble them. Set ladders as needed around the shed for the assistants and hand them a screwdriver or screw gun. Unfasten the screws with the screwdriver or screw gun, and use a crowbar to unfasten stubborn nails or screws. Stack the roof panels on the transport vehicle.    

Remove the screws or nails on the wall posts to detach the walls. Pry the frame from the post, and stack each wall panel and frame on the transport vehicle 

Leave the floor in one piece if it is in good condition, or detach the boards if it is not. Set the concrete blocks or foundation in the new location prior to moving the shed. If the foundation isn't removable, you will need a new one.

Move the Shed in One Piece

Set the moving trailer in a convenient location, so you won't have to push the shed too far. Nail two lumber boards from interior stud interior to stud in an "X"-shape on all sides to help the shed keep its shape. 

Get your helpers to lift one side of the shed six inches from the ground, and slide a two by four board under the base, then set the jack on the board, then lay another on top of the jack. 

You may need to support the shed with a jack on the other side. Jack the shed to six to eight inches, alternating between each jack, if applicable.

 If the shed isn't on concrete blocks, dig holes six inches deep on all corners or deep enough to accommodate the jack and boards. Attach the pipes at an angle on the two by four lumber spaced a foot apart to create rollers, and remove the jacks. With the help of your local moving companies, push the shed onto the trailer or moving vehicle, and secure it.