Why Moving Should Never Be Like A Guessing Game

Moving is stressful enough without trying to figure out how to pack and where to put everything. It also is stressful if you hire movers from a moving company to help. You want them to help you pack and move things, but because you are human, you want it all done a certain way. The movers may do it differently, either because that is how they think and operate, or because they do not know (and therefore have to guess), how you want things done. Moving should never be a guessing game, and here is why.

It Creates More Stress for Everyone

Trying to guess how to pack your great-grandmother's Tiffany vase is more complicated for you than it is for the movers. You have to understand that the movers will do their ultimate best at wrapping and packing everything, but items that are very special to you are not nearly so to the movers. They will not recognize the monetary value of this piece (unless they are very familiar with the company), nor will they know that it means so much to you because of who gave it to you.

If many of your things are precious, and you want them wrapped a certain way, you have to take the guesswork out of the job. Place the type of insulation (e.g., packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.) and the type of box you want for these items right next to them. This is an obvious clue to the movers that this is how you want these items wrapped and packaged for the move. It makes you less anxious and stressed, and it will make the movers less stressed, too.

It Prevents the Efficient Flow of the Move

When you are stopped by the movers and the family and friends who ask you about this or that box or this or that item, it prevents the efficient flow of the move. As you know, the fewer questions everyone has to ask you, the quicker everything gets on the truck. If you think that there might be something people will not be sure how to pack or how to move, stage this item or box with instructions. Then everything can keep rolling smoothly on moving day.

It May Cost You More Money

Your movers and/or the truck are (usually) on the clock. The more educated guesses and repacking that take place, the more it may cost you. Even if you decide to load the truck yourself and not hire extra hands from the moving company, the longer you keep the truck, the more you may have to pay. It helps to assess every room in your apartment or home, make notes about how you intend to move and pack things, and stage everything that you do not need at least a week in advance. Removing the guesswork and having everything ready to go before the movers arrive results in less time and less money spent.

Knowing Exactly What You Are Doing and How to Do It Is Huge

If this is the very first time you have ever moved anywhere, or moved long distance, it helps to know what you are doing. Ask your moving company for suggestions and ideas on how to make the move as quick, as easy, and as painless as possible. You would be surprised to hear some of the great suggestions they have for getting ready for moving day, and relieved to hear how they manage the packing and moving too. If you have any particular concerns, you can talk to the moving company to learn how these concerns are addressed so that your move is (almost!) stress-free.