Four Things To Do When Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Storage

If you live in a part of the country that gets cold or snowy winter weather, and you want to ensure your vehicle survives, you may choose to have it put in storage. Vehicle storage during the winter months can be especially beneficial if your car doesn't do well on the roads in the winter weather or if it's a classic car that you want to protect from the elements. No matter what your reason for storing your vehicle in the winter is, there are some things you'll need to do first.

Here are four things to do when preparing your vehicle for winter storage.

1. Measure Your Vehicle

Vehicle storage units come in all different sizes, which is why it's important to measure your vehicle before choosing storage space. You might think your vehicle will fit in a certain space, but what happens when you arrive and that's not the case? Along with measuring your vehicle, you will also want to ensure you have enough space for the following:

  • Side mirrors
  • Hood ornaments
  • Hitches and tow bars

You'll also want to ensure your vehicle is not wider than the door of the storage unit.

2. Change Your Vehicle's Fluids and Filters

Automotive experts recommend changing your oil and filter, along with topping off all your other fluid levels, before putting your car in storage. You will also want to make sure it has a full tank of gas. If you are using an ethanol-blended fuel, you might want to add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank, as this type of fuel has a shelf life of only three months. If you live where it gets really cold in the winter, you'll also want to add antifreeze.

3. Set Your Air Conditioning to Recirculate

Sealing the ventilation system of your vehicle can prevent bugs from getting inside your vehicle while being stored. Bugs often take refuge anywhere they can during the cold winter months, and they can easily get inside your car's HVAC ducts if the ventilation system isn't sealed, which can be done by setting your air conditioning to recirculate.

4. Wash Your Car

You may not think it's a big deal to put a dirty vehicle in storage for the winter, but by not washing it first, the paint could actually become damaged by bird droppings or caked on mud. For added protection, you might also want to wax your vehicle before putting it into storage.

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