Storing Musical Instruments

If you have an extensive collection of musical instruments, you may need to put them into self storage when you will not be needing them. Unfortunately, mistakes when storing musical instruments can be an extremely devastating problem. Improperly stored musical instruments can be prone to warping, rotting or corroding. This issues can severely impact eh performance of the instrument.

Thoroughly Clean The Instruments Before Storing Them

Once you have decided to place some or all of your instruments into storage, they should be thoroughly cleaned. Allowing dust and dirt to linger on musical instruments can cause them to develop odors as well as warping the sounds that are produced. Thoroughly wiping the instrument with a soft cloth will remove most of these substances, but wooden instruments may also need a protective finish to block these substances from coming into contact with the wood. Prior to putting the instrument back in its case, it should be fully dry to prevent trapping moisture in its case. The moisture from a gently damp cloth will only take a few minutes to dry so that you do not have to worry about ht instrument being out of its case for long periods of time.

Control The Humidity And Temperature

Preventing an excessive amount of humidity and moisture to accumulate in the storage unit will be necessary for preventing damage from occurring to any instruments in the unit. Using a climate controlled unit will be extremely effective at mitigating this threat to your instruments. When storing items in a climate controlled unit, you will have the ability to precisely set the temperature and humidity levels to ensure your instruments stay in the best condition possible.

Keep The Instruments In Cases

When the instruments are being stored, they will need to remain in a case. Storing musical instruments outside of a case can be extremely damaging. A high-quality storage case will be able to drastically reduce the damage that stored musical instruments can experience. Ideally, these cases should be hard as this can offer a more durable form of protection. For particularly delicate instruments, the interior may need to be padded to prevent impact damage from occurring to these instruments.

Avoid Stacking Instrument Cases

Stacking musical instrument cases on top of each other might seem like a good way of reducing the amount of storage space that will be needed. However, sticking stored musical instruments can be extremely damaging to them. Over time, it can be possible for the weight of the items on top of it to cause the instrument to warp. This can ruin the instrument by drastically altering the sounds that it makes.