7 Things To Do To Prepare Before Your Move

When you need to move to a new home, it will require a lot of planning and hard work. Putting off preparing for your move will only make the experience more stressful. You can take charge and get prepared early so that you can have a good moving day. Here are some things to do to prepare before your move.

Keep Good Notes

Keeping notes throughout the moving-planning process is a smart idea. This can help you keep track of what still needs to get done and what you have left to do. Plus, it will feel good checking off tasks as you get them done.

Get Quotes for Moving Costs

You'll want to get some quotes before you hire a moving company. Not all companies will charge the same fees, and you want to make sure that you prepare for the costs well before moving day. Do call around and get quotes early on.

Schedule Your Movers

Don't neglect to schedule your preferred mover early on in the planning process. Many top-rated movers book up fast so you need to book at least 2-3 weeks in advance, if not more if you're moving during the spring or summer months. 

Request Time Off from Work 

Even if you plan to use movers, you'll want to be available on moving day. You may even want to take a day or two off leading up to or after the move so that you can get settled. Requesting time off early can ensure that your request is honored and you're not stuck come moving day.

Change Your Address & Handle Utilities

Taking care of this step early on will save you stress later on. Make sure to update your new address with the postal service and to set up or arrange for the transfer of your utilities. You'll want to have electricity and water usage at both homes so that you're comfortable during the move.

Get Quality Packing Materials

Do invest in quality packing materials so that your personal items are properly protected during the moving process. Don't be tempted to use old, worn-out boxes. 

De-Clutter, Then Pack

Don't just start packing things up. Instead, spend some time de-cluttering your personal belongings and getting rid of items that you no longer need, Then, be sure to make plenty of time to pack. You don't want to get stuck throwing everything into boxes a couple of days before the move.

Following these tips can help you properly prepare well in advance of your move. Contact a moving company like Lobo Moving in your area to schedule your move!