Hiring Local Movers

Many households are looking to change their living arrangements. This could be due to needing more space, having adult children move out of a large family home, or needing more affordable housing. Time is an overlooked part of getting prepared for moving day. Here a few tips for planning a local move.

Reach out to local movers and ask for a price quote. They will ask for the pick-up and delivery addresses, number of rooms, and kinds of oversized items in the home. Always let the movers know about staircases that are within the home. Entrances to a home that is not near the street where the moving truck arrives may cost more. The quoted price may be followed up with an email or text message with fine print. Read through the quote to see how the time is being billed and what is included.

The contract may detail different denominations of time and what the additional rate is per hour. For example, movers who expect to move a three-bedroom home have factored in employee time and space requirements on the moving truck. If the contents of an unattached garage were not mentioned while getting the quote, expect to pay more. The quote may provide a definite amount of time for loading and unloading items. Ask if packing and unpacking is a service that the moving company provides. If packing service is not offered, schedule additional time to pack before the movers arrive.

Stay under the quoted amount by not taking excess items to the new home. Schedule a day for cleaning and letting items go. Towards the end of this time, reach out to people who may want items of value before donating them. Give friends or family members who would like these items a time to pick them up. Physically remove all items that will not be going to the new location.

Having a personal inventory of everything of value is important. Decide if these items should be personally moved or entrusted to the local movers. Irreplaceable documents, valuable jewelry, or the family photo album can be kept with personal effects during the move. Write down an inventory of expensive items or those that would be challenging to replace if broken. This list could include furniture, pianos, safes, chandeliers, computers, televisions, and artwork.

A few hours or planning and cleaning will make a local move easier. Schedule an appointment today with a moving company to coordinate a local move.