Hitting The Road? Five Tips For Choosing A Storage Unit For Long-Term Storage

Getting ready to hit the road for a few months or even a few years? Going to spend months between homes? If so, you need a storage unit that can safely keep your stuff for the long term. Wondering what to look for? Keep these tips in mind. 1. Look for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit If you're only doing short-term storage and you're going to be close by, you don't necessarily need climate-controlled storage. [Read More]

Simple Timeline To Help You Prepare For Moving Day

Most people think they are prepared for moving day. They may have boxes and the truck scheduled, but they have yet to complete essential tasks to prepare for the big day of the move. If you are part of the 14.9 percent of the United State's population who will move this year, you must get prepared. Using this simple timeline, you can reduce the overwhelming stress of moving and prepare for an easy and efficient moving day. [Read More]

How Business Storage Can Declutter Your Workspace

Business self-storage has become an integral tool for most businesses as it meets a temporary unique need in the most pragmatic and cost-efficient way. Most businesses, as they grow, find themselves with more clutter that they would like, and managing it becomes imperative. The clutter can be items that are important but are also in the way, including old files and cabinets with important documents that may be needed in the future. [Read More]

Why Moving Should Never Be Like A Guessing Game

Moving is stressful enough without trying to figure out how to pack and where to put everything. It also is stressful if you hire movers from a moving company to help. You want them to help you pack and move things, but because you are human, you want it all done a certain way. The movers may do it differently, either because that is how they think and operate, or because they do not know (and therefore have to guess), how you want things done. [Read More]