How Business Storage Can Declutter Your Workspace

Business self-storage has become an integral tool for most businesses as it meets a temporary unique need in the most pragmatic and cost-efficient way. Most businesses, as they grow, find themselves with more clutter that they would like, and managing it becomes imperative. The clutter can be items that are important but are also in the way, including old files and cabinets with important documents that may be needed in the future. [Read More]

Why Moving Should Never Be Like A Guessing Game

Moving is stressful enough without trying to figure out how to pack and where to put everything. It also is stressful if you hire movers from a moving company to help. You want them to help you pack and move things, but because you are human, you want it all done a certain way. The movers may do it differently, either because that is how they think and operate, or because they do not know (and therefore have to guess), how you want things done. [Read More]

How To Relocate A Metal Storage Shed

When you move to a new location, you sometimes need to transport outbuildings like metal storage sheds. Modern metal sheds are commonly constructed from aluminum and set on concrete blocks. You should be able to disassemble and relocate the shed along with helpers and the right tools by following these tips: Prepare to Move the Shed You need the following supplies to move the shed: work gloves step-ladders  shovel (optional) hammer nails  carjack screwdriver or screw gun two by four lumber  three-fourth inch metal pipes Remove all items from the shed to reduce weight. [Read More]