Easy Tips To Follow To Protect Furniture During Moving

How can you avoid damage and ensure your furniture remains safe during the moving process? As a client, there is quite a bit that you can do, as your furniture movers will tell you, and this includes the following information.

Keep an Inventory

Create a detailed inventory of all the furniture pieces you will need moved. Walk the furniture movers through each item, pointing out its condition and factors such as the age, which may inform the best practices for handling the furniture.

You can take photos and video evidence of the current condition of your furniture before the furniture movers get started. Compare against this inventory when the furniture is delivered.

Cleaning Before Wrapping and Packing

Coarse debris and any type of abrasive particles may end up scratching the glass and other delicate surfaces on your furniture. Cleaning away these particles shouldn't take up too much of your time, and you can take a few minutes to do so before the furniture movers arrive. Of course, the furniture movers can take care of this for you.

Dusting the furniture with a soft cloth should suffice. You don't need to give the furniture a thorough cleaning at this point, as this is something you can do once you have set up the furniture in the new location.

Choose the Right Packing Materials

Invest in top-quality protective packing materials for your furniture. Expert furniture movers will have all these packing materials, and should you choose to get your own, you can expect sound advice on what your options are and what to get for your specific items.

Find packing materials you may have around your home which the furniture movers can use. This includes sofa, mattress covers, and cardboard.

Leave It to the Professionals

Moving furniture can be quite involved. This is especially true if you are dealing with furniture items that are bulky or delicate. From disassembling the pieces that can come apart to packing the furniture, placing them on the moving truck, and offloading them at your new location. These are all tasks you are better off leaving to professional furniture movers. This way, you can be sure of your furniture's safety as it will be handled by trained and experienced professionals.

Even as you look for furniture movers, read reviews on what other clients' experiences have been like regarding the movers' commitment to protecting the furniture. For more information, contact a furniture moving service.